‘Wealth’ is not measured in money but in time

Quantify the number of months you can survive without working, maintaining the same level of life you lead and that is your wealth. For example, if your monthly expenses (and your family) are 10 million pesos and you have an effective saving of 120 million pesos, then your wealth is 12 months. It’s that simple To say how rich you are, you speak in terms of “time”: “I have a wealth of 8 months”. Or “my wealth is 5 years”. Do the exercise.

Do not take into account the value of your furniture, house, cars, country house, etc. What you use to live, as you do, is not part of your “wealth”, because if you sold it you would lower your standard of living.

Now pay attention: according to that definition, the really rich person has a wealth of 15 years or more. Maybe you’re reading a book in your country house, or maybe you’re standing next to your apartment window, while your investments and employees work for you. But let’s be clear. If you do not have wealth greater than 15 years, you are not rich. Maybe in the past you were and you changed to a weaker personality some time ago. And is that the rich, after a good run, sometimes stops producing and begins to spend money ostentatiously modifying its profile.