Is not your new job as you expected? Your employer can pay you to go

Sometimes, a new job turns out not to be the dream job you thought it was. But you can not always afford to give up a salary from one moment to the next.

At least, of course, that the company pays you to leave.

Some companies are facilitating the separation, paying the unhappy workers to retire with elegance.

At the Zappos online retail store, new hires are offered one month’s salary to be removed within three months of the start of their position. Amazon offers some workers up to $ 5,000, once a year, to leave.

Why would a company pay someone to quit? Because it can also be the best for the employer.

“We want them here because they believe in the vision and goals of the company and can make a difference,” says Megan Petrini, director of Zappos’s new rental program.

Zappos is not your typical office.

The companies do not want to have disgruntled employees. The solution that some have proposed: pay them to leave.

“We often have parades,” he says. “If you go down a parade and you’re talking on the phone and you can not hear … and if that ruins your day, you will not be happy here,” says Petrini.

The policy of Zappo is officially called License Policy Agraciada, but is more commonly known as “the deal”. It was extended to half of the company’s four-week training program. It is valid for three months from the start date of an employee.

“So you can see what the training is like and get an idea of ​​your position, and really make sure it’s the best way to be happy,” he says.

Some years, nobody accepts the offer. Other years, it is more popular. So far this year, three people have taken it.

“It has been higher than normal,” says Petrini. “But the good thing is that we know that the people who work here have been chosen to work here and that they have been offered money to quit,” he says.

Amazon, taking advantage of the idea of ​​Zappos (which it bought in 2009), offers a similar program called Pay to Quit. Once a year, workers are offered the opportunity to leave the company. The offer is $ 2,000 the first year and increases by $ 1,000 each year to a maximum of $ 5,000.

“We want people who work at Amazon to want to be here, and in the long term, staying in a place where you do not want to be is not healthy for our employees or for the company,” an Amazon spokesperson told CNN.

The program has existed since 2013. “We tell them in advance that we hope they do not accept the offer, in fact, we want them to stay,” the spokesperson said.

While offering employees cash to leave can help with productivity and morale, high acceptance rates can mean it’s time to re-evaluate how a company recruits talent.

“Check your recruitment process, who we’re hiring, how we’re supporting them and if we’re combining jobs with skills,” said John Baldoni, executive coach and author of “Moxie: The Secret to Brave and Bold Leadership.”

But those programs can also be counterproductive and not be effective in eliminating bad apples.

“Often, people who employ it can be good talents,” he says. “People who do not have options cling to a job, they have nowhere else to go,” he warns.