message of success and personal improvement

You may have been thinking for some time that you do not know what to do with your life, that you do not know where you want to go, but whatever happens, you want to be successful. We are going to talk about success almost every day I get messages from people who say I have to choose career and I do not know what to do I want to have a successful job and give me money but I do not know what has more outputs, this is the beginning of the road to failure, what do you want to do?
What is your passion?
 You see people with suits and money and with jobs and you think that is success, that is not success, all you want is money then.

everyone wants money that does not make you special, despite everything, I know that there are people who have goals have goals dream of things but they do not stop making excuses, I do not know enough there is a lot of crisis I do not have money to start this project I do not have resources .

this is all lies the most important resource you need to do any project is in your head you know why people are paid with ideas because they can not be mass produced or it does not matter how much money a person has that money is never going to be able to produce the great ideas that your mind can create in a room that is empty and if you try, if you have an idea with it, they will tell you that it is impossible to be realistic even if you tell yourself that it is realistic It can not be done.

 how many people who have had success in their life have been realistic or the person who decided that he was going to put a giant metal boat in the water and who was going to transport people was not being realistic, the person who invented the internet in a of communication that invisibly connects all the people of the world was not being realistic.

Because I would like someone to be realistic if the moment you want your idea and you open the door to that realistic being you are accepting and making it possible for that idea of ​​impossibility to be fulfilled.

But do not think either that success is just an idea or just a dream someone very wise once said that success is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration, that is to say, effort, this is to say in other words that work hard beats the talent, and when the talent is not striving there is a widespread flaw and is where you can not differentiate between talent and skill.

Talent is something we are born with and skill is something that is created with determination and with hours and hours of dedication.