5 tips for getting out of debt quickly

Debt is one of those stressful things in life that keeps us awake at night often, causing depression and anxiety.

And commit to take responsibility for that challenge and get rid of your debts number makes a balance of the situation because you are in debt in which you spend your money how much money you are earning has increased your debt you have problems to get out of payments with strong interests you spend more on paying Your debts or your expenses are associated with the care of a relative, do not worry about finding solutions yet first identify the problem areas.5


Price analysis as of October 5: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, EOS, Stellar, and more

2017 was a year of great range of days and superlative returns in cryptocurrencies. The year 2018 is a crushing bear market and a sharp drop in volatility. Bitcoin volatility point is at its lowest year – to-date and most altcoins have followed suit. While flat markets are despised by speculative traders, it is a good time to make a long-term investment.

A small period of trading range with low volatility will be followed by an expansion of the range and an increase in volatility. However, we believe that the increase in current levels will face a series of obstacles on the way up. A large number of private investors stuck in higher prices will recover


Survey: “Millennial” men with high incomes are the most interested in crypto-investment

Recent research by the Clovr company, focused on the block chain , has revealed that investment in cryptocurrencies is more popular among “millennials” who earn between $ 75,000 and $ 99,999 a year. The survey collected responses from more than 1,000 Americans between 18 and 80 years of age.

According to the survey, men are almost twice as likely as any other generation to invest in digital currencies, with 43 percent of men and 23 percent of women investing in crypto. 47 percent of people with an annual income of not less than $ 75,000 per year have invested in digital assets, while less than a quarter of those earning less than $ 25,000 said they can afford to invest significantly in crypto.


Finance Minister of Malta: cryptocurrencies could cause financial intermediaries to “lose their jobs”

Financial intermediaries could “stay out of work” thanks to Bitcoin and cryprocurrencies , said Minister of Finance of Malta to Cointelegraph in an interview on Friday 5 October.

Speaking in a private interview during the Blockchain Conference in Malta: Delta Summit 2018, Edward Scicluna said that the advent of the cryptocurrency, which can be used by the general population, was making financial intermediaries follow the path of traditional photo developers. .

“This is a disruptive technology,” he answered when asked if he sees cryptocurrencies as a future payment method, continuing:

“I can see this, as in the photograph, when it could be said that […] those who processed the photos [were going to] lose their jobs, many financial intermediaries will lose their jobs in the not too distant future”.

Scicluna revealed that, although he no longer had cryptocurrencies, he had learned “a lot” about it for his son, who bought and exchanged Bitcoin in his “early years”.

“I think [intermediaries] have to listen and be attentive; I think that’s what the banks are doing now, “he continued.

Scicluna did not go so far as to claim that the cryptocurrency and blockchain could help prevent another financial crisis in itself. “It’s a great revolution,” he concluded. “The possibilities are endless”.

The comments come as a small surprise after the support of Malta’s ongoing alliances with the cryptocurrency industry as part of its quest to become the so-called “Blockchain Island”.

Last week, the country’s prime minister, Joseph Muscat, continued the official line of support in a speech to the United Nations , during which he called cryptocurrency the “inevitable future of money.”


Is not your new job as you expected? Your employer can pay you to go

Sometimes, a new job turns out not to be the dream job you thought it was. But you can not always afford to give up a salary from one moment to the next.

At least, of course, that the company pays you to leave.

Some companies are facilitating the separation, paying the unhappy workers to retire with elegance.

At the Zappos online retail store, new hires are offered one month’s salary to be removed within three months of the start of their position. Amazon offers some workers up to $ 5,000, once a year, to leave.

Why would a company pay someone to quit? Because it can also be the best for the employer.

“We want them here because they believe in the vision and goals of the company and can make a difference,” says Megan Petrini, director of Zappos’s new rental program.

Zappos is not your typical office.

The companies do not want to have disgruntled employees. The solution that some have proposed: pay them to leave.

“We often have parades,” he says. “If you go down a parade and you’re talking on the phone and you can not hear … and if that ruins your day, you will not be happy here,” says Petrini.

The policy of Zappo is officially called License Policy Agraciada, but is more commonly known as “the deal”. It was extended to half of the company’s four-week training program. It is valid for three months from the start date of an employee.

“So you can see what the training is like and get an idea of ​​your position, and really make sure it’s the best way to be happy,” he says.

Some years, nobody accepts the offer. Other years, it is more popular. So far this year, three people have taken it.

“It has been higher than normal,” says Petrini. “But the good thing is that we know that the people who work here have been chosen to work here and that they have been offered money to quit,” he says.

Amazon, taking advantage of the idea of ​​Zappos (which it bought in 2009), offers a similar program called Pay to Quit. Once a year, workers are offered the opportunity to leave the company. The offer is $ 2,000 the first year and increases by $ 1,000 each year to a maximum of $ 5,000.

“We want people who work at Amazon to want to be here, and in the long term, staying in a place where you do not want to be is not healthy for our employees or for the company,” an Amazon spokesperson told CNN.

The program has existed since 2013. “We tell them in advance that we hope they do not accept the offer, in fact, we want them to stay,” the spokesperson said.

While offering employees cash to leave can help with productivity and morale, high acceptance rates can mean it’s time to re-evaluate how a company recruits talent.

“Check your recruitment process, who we’re hiring, how we’re supporting them and if we’re combining jobs with skills,” said John Baldoni, executive coach and author of “Moxie: The Secret to Brave and Bold Leadership.”

But those programs can also be counterproductive and not be effective in eliminating bad apples.

“Often, people who employ it can be good talents,” he says. “People who do not have options cling to a job, they have nowhere else to go,” he warns.



Federal treasury extends credit line to provide emergency loans

Governor Ricardo Rosselló , informed today that an agreement was signed with the federal government so that the island has access to emergency loans (CDL, for its acronym in English) worth up to $ 2.253 million to mitigate the effects of hurricanes.

Rosselló made the remarks in a statement after meeting with federal treasury secretary Steve Mnuchin .
The agreement provides a commitment by the federal government to extend a line of credit to the Executive to provide loans up to a maximum amount of $ 2,253 million through the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

That amount is equivalent to the estimated revenue losses of the Government of Puerto Rico during the 365 days following the onslaught of Hurricane Maria . 


Job offers to start working on thes month

This September you will achieve what you have proposed: find a job. The return of summer is a propitious time to look for a stable job. You just have to tune up your profile and start the search. Where do you start? We have selected a lot of offers grouped by areas and activities to make it more practical for you.

Go preparing your CV because all the selection processes will begin in September . Do not forget to attach your cover letter or motivation , as you deem appropriate. Also keep in mind our advice to tackle a job interview .

With all these tasks resolved, you will be able to give an extra dimension to your candidacy and get the recruiters to notice you.


The rich who want to give away their money and can not

Warren Buffett put on a challenge when he outlined his philanthropic vision at the beginning of this decade. “At the latest, the proceeds of all my Berkshire shares will be spent for philanthropic purposes in 10 years after my estate is liquidated,” he wrote in his letter “The giving pledge” in 2010. “Nothing will go to donations; the money is spent on real needs. “

That task – the wholesale gift of one of the greatest fortunes in history – has become more difficult. Although Buffett has
since ceded shares of Berkshire Hathaway Inc. valued at more than 30,000 million dollars at the time of donations, its wealth continues to rise. 

Buffett, who turns 88 today, has an equity of 87.1 billion dollars, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, 86 percent more than at the time of the 2010 letter. 


‘Wealth’ is not measured in money but in time

Quantify the number of months you can survive without working, maintaining the same level of life you lead and that is your wealth. For example, if your monthly expenses (and your family) are 10 million pesos and you have an effective saving of 120 million pesos, then your wealth is 12 months. It’s that simple To say how rich you are, you speak in terms of “time”: “I have a wealth of 8 months”. Or “my wealth is 5 years”. Do the exercise.

Do not take into account the value of your furniture, house, cars, country house, etc. What you use to live, as you do, is not part of your “wealth”, because if you sold it you would lower your standard of living.